The release date, devices eligible for macOS 13 Ventura, and more will be revealed at Apple WWDC 2022

At its WWDC 2022 keynote on Monday, Apple introduced macOS 13 Ventura as its next version of the software for Mac and MacBook computers. MacOS's new release offers an updated multitasking experience through Stage Manager.

Mac OS 13 also brings a redesign of preloaded apps including Mail, Notes, Reminders, and Messages. MacOS 13 Ventura also comes with a new Safari browser. Both Intel and Apple Silicon-based Macs will be able to download the new macOS release.

Developers who have signed up for the Apple Developer Program have been able to test out macOS 13 Ventura for testing purposes. Next month, a public beta will be available, then later this year - likely in October - the new release will be made available for download.

One of the highlights of macOS 13 Ventura is the addition of Stage Manager, which makes it possible to view the list of apps running on the system from a single window. The new multitasking feature is available from the Control Centre directly.

Additionally, the new macOS version includes revamped System Preferences that look like the Settings app on the iPhone and iPad. Individual settings are organized by app. Additionally, the new macOS release includes some new apps to enhance the user experience throughout the platform.

Messages, Apple's new messaging app, offers features similar to social networks. MacOS 13 comes pre-installed with the app - just like its iOS 16 counterpart. As part of the new macOS release, Spotlight has been updated to provide rich results. On macOS 13, Spotlight can also start a timer.

MacOS 13 Ventura comes preloaded with an updated Mail app. In addition to improved search capabilities, spelling correction is included. Moreover, Safari on macOS Ventura now allows you to share tabs with friends and use Passkeys. With Touch ID, you can use biometrics to log into different Web services without a password.

macOS Ventura offers enhanced gaming performance through Metal 3 and MetalFX Upscaling. MetalFX Upscaling should enable developers to render rich, visually complex scenes faster on the system. No Man's Sky will be among the first games to take advantage of MetalFX Upscaling on Mac later this year, according to Apple.

FaceTime users can now seamlessly switch from their iPhone to a Mac using Continuity, an extension of Apple's Continuity feature. Additionally, macOS Ventura offers the Continuity Camera feature, allowing you to use your iPhone as a video conferencing device alongside your MacBook.

Apple's Continuity Camera works with Centre Stage and Portrait Mode. As well to FaceTime and Zoom, this feature works with Microsoft Teams and WebEx. Furthermore, users will be able to buy Belkin stands to attach their iPhone with a MacBook so they can use the Continuity Camera.

Additionally, the new macOS release includes new customizations for Memoji and the Clock app. It also includes Shared Photo Library, which can also be found on iOS 16. In addition, the operating system can separate subjects from backgrounds in visuals.

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