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If you're looking for some great discounts on a new laptop, and the MacBook Pro is out of your price range, Dell has some great deals happening right now. The Dell XPS 13 Touch laptop is one of the best Dell laptop deals.

It is one of the most portables in the popular XPS laptop lineup. Today, you can save $200 on the Dell XPS 13 by getting it for only $850, a savings of $1,049 typically. Now is the time to save on your new Dell laptop, and you can start using it as soon as tomorrow with free next-day shipping from Dell.

XPS laptops come in several different screen sizes, making them one of the most popular laptops on the market. As it has a 13-inch display, the Dell XPS 13 is the most portable and compact model in the XPS lineup.

This laptop model also offers touchscreen functionality, making it an ideal choice for creative professionals looking for a laptop with tablet functionality. In addition to its high-definition display, this laptop comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz, making it ideal for binge watchers and gamers alike.

XPS laptops have smaller bezels than ever, allowing their 13.3-inch screens to fit into 11-inch cases. Mobile computer users benefit from increased portability and convenience.

Despite its size, the Dell XPS 13 Touch offers plenty of performance, especially for a laptop that's on the smaller side. It is equipped with an Intel Quad-Core i5 processor, an Intel Iris Xe graphics card, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.

You can easily expand your screen space with the Dell XPS 13 if you like to have the portability of a laptop but also like to work at your desk. Among the top features of the Dell XPS 13 laptop are a fingerprint reader, great battery life, and a modern design.

While the Dell XPS 13 Touch is a steal at its current price point, there are many great laptop deals at the moment. Laptop deals include the following:

Also, if you'd like an even smaller tablet than the Dell XPS 13 Touch but want the touchscreen capabilities, there are a number of great deals available right now.

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