Use Rufus Beta to bypass Windows 11's Microsoft Account Requirement

This fall, Windows 11 22H2 will be released, which is the first feature update to the OS. Some will look forward to the addition of finesse to the Task Manager, File Explorer, Start Menu, Task Bar, and other key features of Windows 11.

The Insider versions indicate that a Microsoft Account (MSA) will be mandatory, except for some business and education users. Rufus' latest beta version can fix the mandatory MSA push, in addition to a host of other issues. The development team shared the Rufus 3.19 beta on GitHub this past weekend

Rufus is an open-source tool for admins and tweakers that formats and creates bootable USB flash drives, including USB keys, pen drives, memory sticks, etc. It is available for both Windows and Linux users.

Lastly, you can see in the release notes for Rufus 3.19 beta that it allows a user to 'bypass the mandatory requirement for a Microsoft account with Windows 11 22H2.'You must select an appropriate disc image in the Rufus UI to see the options for installing Windows 11 that are listed above and below.

*Rufus provides handy options if you are building a custom Win 11 boot image, including:

*Secure Boot and TPM bypass should be implemented

*Ignore minimum RAM requirements and storage requirements

*Skip all collection questions (Sets all answers to 'Don't allow'/'Refuse')

*Add an option to set internal drives offline with Windows To Go

The tool seems to do an excellent job of simplifying Windows 11 installs while removing most of its setup annoyances. Rufus 3.19 beta also includes several other improvements.

Since the last release in March, several changes have been made. The readme files and the source code are available on GitHub, and you can find out more about the app on its homepage. 

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