Windows 11 22H2 will be here before you know it

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 09 Aug, 2022

Microsoft is in the final stages of releasing Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 11 22H2. It occurred to me that I haven't paid attention to the features coming in Windows 10 22H2 even though it has a few cool features I'm looking forward to, including ransomware protection.

The reason I couldn't remember anything major was that Microsoft hasn't talked much about it in their documentation. It indicates, and in fact, this is a good thing, that the Windows 10 22H2 upgrade from 22H1 will be an 'enablement' package, which simply adds a bit of code to enable the new features. In the early stages of 22H2, most of the 'features' are already installed on PCs and waiting to be used.

The release will contain a 'scoped set of features' about which more details will be shared later, according to a blog post by Microsoft on July 28. To validate the release process, the company has already offered a preview.

Those who have opted to participate in the release preview channel on their Windows 10 computer can try it out now. To install Windows 10 22H2, you need to click “check for updates”. This release preview version is supported for business users (Windows 10 professionals).

There were no noticeable changes after the installation, nor did it take a long time. Upon rebooting, Windows was unable to locate the program Microsoft. your phone. The application wasn't being used before the installation.

Microsoft was notified of this issue since this computer runs Windows 10 Professional.  The message did not appear after I rebooted a second time. However, this is clearly why the company continues to beta test the software. The final install testing process is designed to uncover these types of deployment issues, but they don't cause major problems most of the time.

I do not recommend anyone purchase or use a computer without an SSD drive as their boot drive these days. A system with an older hard drive usually performs poorly and will slow down over time. What is the purpose of Windows 10 22H2? Most of the time, small businesses don't have access to all the features introduced.

During last year's 21H2 release, most of the new features were intended for enterprise users and could only be implemented with certain licenses or were required only in certain scenarios. There will be two years of support beyond the October 2023 lifecycle end date in 21H2.

As long as Windows 10 is supported by Microsoft, at least one release will be supported until Oct. 14, 2025. It remains unclear whether 22H2 will be supported through 2025, or whether another release will be issued before then.

There is one very boring feature in 22H2 that I find most compelling: an extension to the support window. Despite how exciting it may be to those of us who need to patch and maintain systems - we want nice, boring updates and feature releases - it won't be exciting to anyone else.

When Windows 10 22H2 is released, I will recommend making the move, but not right away. Keeping yourself on the current version of Windows, for now, requires using local group policy or registry keys. If you want detailed instructions on how to do this, I wrote a post about how to do it last year.

Because so many people are still using Windows 10 with hardware that won't support Windows 11, I expect Microsoft to extend the support for the older OS in an easy-to-opt-in manner. Neither at home nor work, I have many machines that support Windows 11, so I won't upgrade them.

As a reminder, I will only recommend installing Windows 10 22H2 after waiting a month or so to ensure no major issues arise. Considering it doesn't include many changes, anyone looking forward to a smooth, quiet release process should find the upgrade painless.

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