A beta version of Android 13 is available for the Google Pixel 6a

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

The Pixel 6a early adopters will be thrilled to hear they can double down on their bleeding-edge experience. It has just been announced that Google has added the Pixel 6a to its Android Beta Program, and OTA and factory images have been published for the new beta.

The phone now has its very first beta before Android 13 is released. This morning's news didn't have a corresponding announcement.

Normally, Google highlights changes to its Android Beta Program in its r/android_beta subreddit, but a new device was added with little notice.

On the Android Beta Program website, users can opt-in to register their Pixel 6a on Android 13 Beta 4.1 - it's easier than flashing this late in the beta game, and is the preferred method.

Sideloadable OTA images have been posted for the Pixel 6a on Android 13 Beta 4.1, and I can confirm that device owners can opt-in to register their Pixel 6a on Android Beta Program.

The Pixel 6a still has a curious software situation. The patch level was dated April 2022 when the phone was launched.

All of this is made even more complicated by the imminent launch of Android 13. Android 13 was updated with a security bulletin earlier today by Google.

Since the announcement came on the first Monday of the month (when Pixel updates usually roll out), many fans were anticipating a release today or this week. Today, however, no Pixel update was released, either to Android 13 or to Android 12 with an August 2022 patch level.

There is a possibility that the patch may be delayed, which sometimes happens when the month's first Monday is also the first day, but I doubt it will deliver Android 13.

In that security bulletin, Google mentioned that Android 13 would have a patch level of September 2022, indicating that a formal release may occur next month - though an AOSP release might occur before then.

Android 13 will be available for Pixel 6a owners soon. Some reports suggest you may run into problems searching in Settings, but the beta is otherwise relatively stable, though the usual caveats apply: Bugs happen, please provide Google with good-quality reports and logs.


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