A hidden interactive weather map is available on your iPhone - here's how to find it

Did you know that iPhones running iOS 15 come with an interactive weather map preinstalled within the stock weather app? That's certainly not the case since I suspect I've used the app the same way you have. Basically, you open it quickly, glance at what you need to see, and then get out.

It might surprise you to know that the app also has a more detailed weather map hiding inside it, right underneath your nose. In part, it's because, as the iPhone's mobile operating software has matured over the years, it has become much more feature-rich.

It's also a little complicated for the average person with so many settings and features that mainstream iPhone owners probably don't even touch.

Additionally, did you know that iOS 15 comes with a white noise generator? You can download an app from Apple's App Store to do that, but many people probably aren't aware that Apple has also built one into the operating system.

To start with, let's take a look at the interactive weather map. Go ahead and launch the iPhone weather app that comes with your phone if you're on iOS 15. Is that icon in the bottom left corner of the screen visible from the main screen? In many ways, it resembles an unfolded paper map.

Once you click on it, you will see what follows: You should see three icons in the top right corner of this new screen. Three bulleted lines, an arrow, and a stack of three squares.

Click the third one, and the menu you see above will appear with information about temperature, precipitation, and air quality. When you click on precipitation, for instance, you'll see a time-lapse of the next 12 hours or so of precipitation coming through your area (or not).

Also, you can find out more about the temperature and the air quality in your area in greater detail than you can see at a glance when you open the app.

Another neat feature of iOS 15 buried under various iPhone settings is similar to this interactive weather map that many iPhone users probably overlook.

Have you ever seen those white noise machines that sometimes sit beside the bed in nice hotels? The iPhone can also be turned into one without having to download an additional app. Click on Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds.

You can then choose any of the following sounds:   Balanced noise Bright noise Dark noise Ocean Rain Stream

That's all there is to it. The iPhone weather map now has more interactivity than you might have realized was possible. You have a white noise generator right in your phone that can calm you down.

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