After a device is in the hands of a user, Samsung's responsibility to protect them does not end

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 25 Jul, 2022

The smartphone has evolved from simply a communication device to much more. Our smartphones hold some of the most valuable information we possess, such as our IDs, financial information, location information, and health information.

These advances in smartphone technology have also made hackers aware that these devices can provide them with access to personal information, financial information, and identities.

This is why it is so important to keep smartphone data secure and safe. Dr. Seungwon Shin, Samsung's vice president and head of security, recently spoke at a media roundtable about the company's commitment to smartphone data security.

Samsung puts security at the heart of every decision it makes, from the moment it starts planning new products to the moment it launches them. People should be allowed to be open rather than locked into a closed ecosystem. We are not exposed to greater risks because we are open.

By doing so, we become stronger and can offer our customers the best, most secure experience possible. For openness to work, we must gain the people's trust. 'We want to make sure that their privacy is protected at all times and that they have control over what matters most to them,' said Shin.

According to Shin, privacy is impossible without solid security. To protect users' privacy, we must make sure their data never gets into the wrong hands. That's why we continuously invest and partner with companies and people we trust to add extra layers of security and ensure maximum protection,' said Shin.

As he continued, he addressed Samsung's collaborations with various companies aimed at improving its users' digital experiences. According to him, Samsung believes in partnering with trusted companies like Google, chip manufacturers, and mobile operators to ensure the highest levels of security possible and to make sure users receive security updates quickly.

He continued, 'Samsung believes there is strength in collaboration and is leading the industry in creating a safe digital experience.' As a reminder, select Galaxy devices can now be upgraded to the latest versions of the Android OS and One UI.

In his presentation, Shin described how Samsung ties the security of software and apps to the hardware of the device. Using Samsung's Knox as an example, he discussed its security solution. In addition to offering enterprise security solutions,

Know is an end-to-end security platform providing true end-to-end security protection for our products' entire lifecycle. Regardless of whether they are consumers or businesses,' he said. 'In Knox Vault, biometric authentication and cryptographic keys are protected extra layers of security.

Using a Secure Processor and a Secure Memory Chip, it isolates sensitive data from the rest of the device, including the operating system, to prevent it from reaching the wrong hands.' An operating system called TEEgris, Shin said, has been developed to enable partners to use hardware cryptography, encryption, and access controls.

As a concluding statement, Shin addressed Samsung device users, saying: 'Samsung's responsibility to protect consumers doesn't end once their devices are in their hands. With the Privacy Dashboard, Samsung gives users full control over who has access to and how their data is used, while Private Share lets them share personal information on their terms.'.

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