After updating to iPadOS 15.5 owners are experiencing charging issues with their iPad mini 6

It appears that iOS 15.5 has been causing issues since its release. Following multiple complaints regarding Apple Books, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating 

There is now a problem affecting iPad users. A number of users have reported charging issues with their iPad mini 6 since the update was released.

Following the update to iPadOS 15.5, affected users have reported that they are no longer able to charge their iPad mini 6.

Depending on these reports, the iPad battery does not recharge no matter which power cord or adapter is used. Even restoring the iPad software hasn't seemed to help fix the problem, according to some users.

Despite the fact that this looks like a hardware issue, the reasons for it are software-related. A memo from Apple sent to authorized service providers (via MacRumors) says the company is aware that iPad mini 6 users may have been unable to recharge their devices following the installation of iOS 15.5.

Furthermore, Apple states in the memo that replacing the internal battery or even the iPad with a new one will not solve the problem, confirming that the issue is a software problem.

As of now, iPadOS 15.6 beta, which is currently available only to developers and users enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program, does not fix the charging issues with iPad mini 6.

Apple advises employees at Apple Retail Stores and service providers to reboot affected iPad minis as a temporary fix.

The version 15.6 beta of iPadOS is not yet ready for release, so we aren't sure whether the problem has been fixed. The beta software may be worth a try if you're experiencing charging issues with your iPad mini 6.

Tap 'iOS Beta Software Profile' in Settings > General > VPN & Device Management after iPadOS 15.6 is officially released to the public so it no longer receives iOS beta updates. I hope the update will resolve the charging issue with the iPad mini.

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