Android Central believes Samsung should launch the Galaxy S22 FE as soon as possible

The S22 FE phone was rumored to be dead last month, suggesting that Samsung had abandoned it. Galaxy Lite has been rebranded and two Fan Edition phones have been launched. Samsung said at the time that it had 'nothing to share' about the rumors.

Whether the rumors about Samsung canceling the Galaxy S22 FE model are true or not, if it were to release a model, it might be too late as older phones will be overshadowed by it. Samsung however will not eliminate the FE line even though it didn't release a phone this year.

As an alternative to the tiny Galaxy S22 and expensive S22+, the Galaxy S21 FE was pretty impressive earlier this year. A month before its release, Samsung decided to delay and sell the S21 FE due to chip shortages. Series 22. As Samsung recently cut its 2022 production estimates for phones, Jitesh Ubrani, head of research for IDC's global device tracking, says he is not surprised if the S22 FE gets canned.

“The FE series does not stand out much from the rest of Samsung's phone portfolio, and the inventory accumulation is a problem,” says Saxon. Furthermore, he does not think Samsung would want to cancel the FE lineup because of chip shortages.

“A shortage of cell phone chips tends to affect the lower end of the market, and maintaining FE is far from that,” he says. It was already comparable to the FE when Samsung launched the FE, but it had higher specs.' According to Ubrani, Samsung probably made the mistake of waiting too long to launch the FE.

“If Samsung launches a new FE, it would be wise to launch it just after the S-series,” he says. The S21 FE performed well because of the value it delivered, and the S22 could perform similarly if Samsung does not get the S22 more affordable.

When it comes to a possible S22 launch, Sag doesn't necessarily think Samsung will cancel the FE line, but if they do, it would be because they are worried it would oversell the S22.

The S20 FE was Samsung's response to the pandemic and the high starting price of the S20 in spring 2020, says Avi Greengart, president and principal analyst at Techsponentialk.

'The Galaxy S20 FE sold extraordinarily well in the fall of 2020. Samsung lowered the entry point of its Galaxy S21 and S22 phones to 800$, leaving less room for the Galaxy S21 FE. The S21 FE is still available in many markets at a lower price, and Samsung may just make that official in the future.

“The shortage of chips and supply chain management are good reasons to simplify your product offer, but if there's a strong demand for something, you meet that need,” he said. The cancellation of Samsung's S22 FE could mean the end of its FE lineup. As with the OnePlus' phone line change, this decision is similar.

The company's new smartphone portfolio breakdown by series and region, seen in internal OnePlus documents, was reviewed by Android Central in November. With the new R-series, the company plans to launch a new flagship tier of phones.

A OnePlus 9 RT is slated to launch in certain regions in late 2021, replacing the T-series phone. Nordic and Nord CE are mid-range phones launched regionally. In North America, Nord N will remain the only budget Android series.

The S21 FE has been a huge success for Samsung, so it may not be keen on getting rid of it yet. Nevertheless, Ubrani, who does not think Samsung is taking a page from OnePlus, does not agree.

As a general rule, the North American market does not support a wide variety of models and price points. Price-wise and feature-wise, Samsung itself offer plenty of options similar to the FE, so the FE is only for those who must have an S-series phone but don't want to pay the price. It is the flagship version,' he says.

The launch of this phone should happen during the holiday season, Sag suggests, to get optimal sales.“During the holidays, people are generally more price-conscious when looking for gifts for friends and family,” he says.

As a research analyst at Counterpoint Research, Sujeong Lim agrees with this viewpoint and notes that 'the ideal time for the release of the S22 FE will be in mid-October, a month after the release of the new iPhone in September. “The device might be in high demand during the holiday season in major markets, which could attract premium Android users before the launch of the S23 series,” she explains.

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