Apple tries to appease union demands with improved scheduling

Bloomberg reports that the company will make a number of changes to its retail employees' scheduling rules that will result in more flexible working hours.

In the coming weeks, Apple retail stores in Maryland and New York City will be holding union elections.

We will alter the number of late shifts an employee can work, the consecutive days they can work, and the minimum amount of time that must pass before they can work a new shift.

Several changes will be made over the next few weeks, according to Apple staff. However, some won't be completed until later this year.

Choosing a weekend day not to be scheduled (up from 10 hours), and a maximum of five consecutive scheduled days in a row seem to be concessions as well.

Retail workers cannot work longer than three shifts a day that run past 8 pm unless they opt to pick up late shifts.

Retail workers at Apple have long complained about the demanding schedules and low wages.

Early this year, the company increased the number of paid sick days and offered paid parental leave to all full-time retail employees.

Also last week, it raised its retail employees' pay to $22 an hour. Fruit Stand Workers United - the organization that is organizing Apple's Grand Central Store - wants to raise the minimum wage to $30, provide tuition reimbursements, and offer more retirement plan options.

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