Apple's iOS 16 now allows Face ID to work on iPhones in landscape mode

IOS 16 promises to bring a slew of new features to Apple's iPhone later this year, including a redesigned lock screen, updated alerts, and an improved Focus mode.

However, as with all keynotes, such as WWDC, there isn't enough time to cover every enhancement. One feature Apple didn't mention is that iOS will let you use Face ID even if your iPhone is horizontally oriented.

On Apple's iOS 16 preview webpage, Vox Media product manager Parker Ortolani noticed the quality of life increase. As The Verge points out, iPad owners have been able to utilize Face ID in this manner for quite some time, so it's not exactly a new feature.

Still, it's one of those tweaks that iPhone users will welcome, especially those who utilize devices like the Razer Kishi and Backbone One.

Apple says the feature will work with supported models on its preview website, but it doesn't clarify which models are included in that list. We've contacted the business for further information.

There were many exciting revelations made at WWDC, but one that Apple didn't mention on stage is that iOS 16 will include support for Face ID in landscape mode.

Face ID will soon be able to unlock your iPhone, make purchases, autofill your passwords, and more while your phone is tilted horizontally, according to Apple's iOS 16 preview page (thanks to @ParkerOrtolani for spotting).

Face ID is currently available on iPads in landscape mode, so bringing it to iPhones is long overdue. When the functionality is available, you won't have to keep your phone in portrait mode to use Face ID, which might be inconvenient if you constantly turn your phone to the side.

Apple claims that the feature is only available on 'supported iPhone models,' but doesn't specify which ones. The Verge reached out to Apple for comment but did not receive a response right away.

This is just one of several new features coming with iOS 16 this autumn, including configurable lock screens, iMessage editing, and improved alerts. Here are all of the specifics.

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