Apple's iPad 10 could come with a very different Touch ID and FaceTime camera

The rumors and speculation surrounding one particular device have gained some attention. It seems that Apple's upcoming 10th-generation iPad is likely to break away from its past in more ways than one.

In almost a decade since the launch of the second-generation iPad, the entry-level iPad hasn't seen a significant design change.

In spite of the fact that the model isn't ugly, it has become dated to the point of feeling somewhat abandoned.

Its aesthetic does not inspire confidence in making an investment in it, even if its price makes it very affordable for consumers.

The rumors indicate that Apple will bring the base iPad up to speed with its latest design language this year, which is a good sign.

In recent information leaked from 3D CAD schematics, the iPad 10 is expected to have flat edges like the rest of the iPad line.

In addition, it will switch over to USB-C, which means that all iPads will ditch their proprietary Lightning connections when they launch in October.

Apple will also eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack, according to leaks. Apple might now go all out with the design upgrade, putting the iPad on par with the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

In the leaked schematics for the iPad 10, Touch ID button and FaceTime front camera locations are not actually shown, according to the Japanese Apple fan blog MacOtakara.

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