Breaking your addiction to social media may be as simple as using this iPhone app

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 09 Aug, 2022

There is no end to the advice I can give about social media. Most of it can be boiled down to that one phrase: “put down your phone” and “stop engaging.”

Despite my best efforts, I am terrible at both things. However, I have finally discovered a solution—an iPhone app. Until further notice.

My discovery was made while I mindlessly scrolled Twitter on my iPhone - the same thing I do when I'm inactive, whether taking the dog out to potty, waiting for the elevator, or boiling water. 

Twitter's lack of purpose doesn't stop me from turning a quick swipe into 10 useless minutes when I don't want anything Twitter can offer me at that moment.

Frederik Riedel is the creator of Shortcut Automation, a tool that helps you create shortcuts by adding some mindfulness to your daily routine. 

It works by setting up an automation that runs for one second whenever you try to open whatever social media, gaming, or other app consumes your time. 

The animation is simple, soothing, and will encourage you to take a deep breath before you tap a second time to confirm that you do want to open the app.

The Focus Modes on Apple's website and screen time alerts are other tools that encourage social media usage, but one sec has worked for me because it cuts me off just when I'm getting distracted. Forcing me to think with intention is easier than scolding me into stopping. Subscriptions unlock additional features, including blocking one app for free.

While I am still quite addicted to the internet, let me not mislead you. The dog hasn't pooped for five days straight, and I've managed to stop myself from staring at my phone all the time. That's not insignificant.

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