Budget pricing for Samsung Galaxy A Fold series

Samsung is reportedly launching a cheaper foldable smartphone series, the Samsung Galaxy A Fold. Like the Galaxy Z Fold, the A-series foldable phones will not feature Ultra-Thin-Glass.

Samsung and Motorola dominate the foldable smartphone market in India. In the foldable department, Motorola has only one phone in its portfolio, the Razr 5G, which isn't available for purchase. Samsung, on the other hand, has two foldable phones and is dominating the market.

Samsung could launch a new budget foldable phone series called Samsung Galaxy A Fold, according to a new report from Korea. Galaxy A is currently the brand's flagship series of phones. With a premium design, the series offers budget and mid-range phones.

The same formula appears to work for foldable phones as well. With the new Galaxy A Fold foldable phone series, more people will be able to afford foldable devices.

According to the Korean source, the Galaxy A-series is performing better than the Galaxy S-series, so Samsung might consider launching foldable phones under the A series.

Also, the phone's pricing has been leaked, ahead of any official announcement from the brand. The price information comes from the same source that revealed the presence of foldable phones in the A-series

In a report by ET News, Samsung's budget foldable phone could be priced at 1 million won. This pricing seems reasonable considering the Galaxy Z Fold series is priced above Rs. 1 lakh.

This pricing probably applies to the Korean market, so don't get too excited. Including all taxes, the price could be higher in other regions.

Some key details of the Galaxy A foldable phone have also been leaked, besides the pricing. In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the A Fold series will not have an Ultra-Thin Glass layer. Samsung may instead use a cheaper solution for its foldable technology.

Samsung will slightly reduce the specifications of its Galaxy A foldable series. At the moment, no other details have been revealed about the project.

Also, it is currently unknown what design will be used for the Galaxy A-series foldable phones when they are released. In terms of form factor, it could be similar to the Z Fold 3's full-size foldable form factor or similar to the Z Flip 3's smaller form factor.

Foldable phones from the A-series won't appear anytime soon. It is expected that the A-series of foldable phones will launch in 2024

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