Community Challenge for Users in Samsung One UI 5 Beta: What Is It

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Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

It is expected that Samsung will soon release the One UI 5 beta for all users to try out, but before it does, the company will announce a community challenge for users to participate in.

A new One UI 5 feature will give you the latest update to Android 13, which reportedly inspired the One UI 5. It will give you what would essentially be a new smartphone OS experience. Samsung's focus here would provide more for the users that would work with their devices, and be available to all.

Samsung One UI 5 beta will soon be available to all smartphone users, according to a community post by a user from South Korea (via Tizen). This message from Samsung also includes another piece of information, which is the community challenge it set up. 

The community challenge is called One UI Value Up Challenge, and the release will be identical to what the company is releasing for its program participants.

According to Android Central, this beta program will explore what the new operating system and user interface have to offer, especially the new focus on Android for everyone.

In spite of that, the challenge would be to determine what the experience will be like for all users in the coming months, focusing on the platform.

Based on Android 13, Samsung One UI 5 Beta

The new One UI 5 beta is reportedly based on Android 13, allowing the world to use the new OS without necessarily having to use Google's Android. With the feature, users can expect what they can expect from Samsung's upcoming OS for the platform, incorporating its user interface. 

Smartphone OS from Samsung

Users of Samsung smartphones have access to the latest features available for the world to experience. All of them focus on a 'Galaxy' branding that aligns with what they want out of a smartphone. 

While there are specific experiences that aim to bring the world more of what they receive from Samsung, one of which is the Galaxy Enhance-X photo editor, which will bring a new way to fix images. With one swipe or touch, this AI tool assists with all photos needed from the South Korean developer. 

Android and Samsung work well together, and both companies have significant ventures that bring different ventures to the world. As a result of the many available devices, the Wear OS venture has brought a smartwatch system that may be of benefit to a wide range of manufacturers. 

It's One UI and Android OS work seamlessly together as well.  The One UI 5 beta is soon to be released by Samsung, which signifies the arrival of Android 13 for all, bringing a better experience to everyone. We are now focusing on an experience for all users and a community challenge.

Source: tech times

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