Compared to an A16 benchmark, the iPhone 14 went from doom to boom faster

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 10 Aug, 2022

The rumor mill is churning out more info about iPhone 14 production levels, so make sure to hold on to your hats, butts, and anything else dear to your heart. The people who are following these rumors with bated breath need to reassess their priorities seriously.

Megan, it's not healthy! Funyuns aren't healthy either, so consuming only them isn't either. We discussed this. The fact that you insist that Funyuns are the whole food pyramid doesn't make it true. There is no longer any use for the Food Pyramid either.

DigiTimes reported just over a month ago that iPhone 14 orders had been cut by 10 percent. This is not the iPhone 13 that is currently shipping, but the iPhone 14, which will be released in more than a month.

The space/time continuum might as well disappear altogether if we hear a few more rumors like these. When effect no longer follows cause, what's the point?

This drives the Macalope crazy. Having watched Star Trek for all those years, he now fully understands quantum mechanics.

There was a shortage of supply rather than a lack of demand that caused these 'cuts'. Apple was reducing orders because its suppliers were unable to manufacture the phones fast enough. Lazy millennials, perhaps? We'll just say it was them who got slammed for everything.

The problem was that suppliers were not able to manufacture phones fast enough, so Apple simply gave up. Rather than having you wait for them, we would rather not sell them! That's what the company was heard to say.

The iPhone 4 came with a waiting period of weeks back in the day, which was a delight to a horny observer. There was a time when people still said things such as 'back then.'

A prior rumor in July stated Apple would 'cut' production from 90 million to 82 million units, but this rumor does not seem to take that into account. Apple now expects to sell 95 million devices. You guys need to get your facts straight, Apple. Who's running the show over there?

These numbers are not the responsibility of Apple. Despite hearing this rumor, Macalope has not contacted Apple for a response. Regardless, he will not be updating this post if he does hear back.

The Macalope won't purchase a new phone this year since Apple won't be shipping an iPhone 14 mini. Likely, he will quietly upgrade to an iPhone 13 mini, which he intends to keep for the rest of his life.

You may or may not. To pick up any be-horned holdouts, the Macalope is expecting Apple to release a small phone at some point in the future. Apple's shipments have increased by 0.0000011111 percent that day, according to the Taiwan Economic Times.

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