Google has announced that Meet and Duo will be merged

Google has updated its messaging apps quite a bit since then, and we thought the search giant was ready to stop tweaking its messaging apps and services so constantly. Not so.

Meet and Duo is merging today, the company announced. As of now, the former was primarily aimed at business users and the latter is meant to rival Apple's FaceTime app.

Google will soon add all of the Meet features to the Duo app starting 'in the coming weeks.'. Later this year, the Duo app will be renamed to Google Meet, and when it accomplishes that, Meet will be Google's single video communication service.

That is, unless Google changes its mind again. Considering this is Google, and messaging apps are the topic, it should happen.

Google has become so famous for constantly launching, shelving, re-launching, re-branding, shelving, reclosing, and merging its various messaging apps over the years that it is practically a meme by now.

The merge won't affect Duo's existing video calling features - they'll remain under the same name, and if you're a Duo user your conversation history, contacts, and messages will be safe since there won't be another application to download.

Suddenly, one day, you'll find that Duo has a new name: Meet, with all the new features that you've been used to.

With these new features, you can customize virtual backgrounds during meetings and calls, schedule meetings, chat during meetings, share content live, and open closed captions in real-time.

You can also join video calls with up to 100 participants, enjoy the enhanced video and audio experiences with noise cancellation, and integrate Gmail, Calendar, Assistant, and Messages with your favorite Google tools.

You won't have to pay anything for 'the new experience' if you are already using Duo or Meet for free today.

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