Google Maps supports electric vehicles and hybrid cars

Fuel-efficient routes are already available on Google Maps. Google Maps is developing a feature specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles.

In the near future, the application will provide energy-efficient routes for electric vehicles and hybrids. According to reports, Google Maps' latest beta update, version 11.39

Allows users to specify the engine type of a vehicle, including gas, diesel, and electric.

Fuel and energy savings will be achieved by using the data to provide the best navigation route.

Android Police reports that Google Maps has revamped the shared location pin. Contacts' profile photos are displayed without a white border on the refined pin-icon.

As a result, the sender's profile photo will be more visible, and the design will be in line with Maps' overall look. 

In Google Maps, fuel-efficient routes are already provided based on variables, including traffic congestion.

Earlier this year, the tech giant added the ability to locate charging stations for e-vehicles.

A recent update added the ability to display estimated toll charges for over 2,000 toll roads around the world.

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