How to download apps on Samsung Galaxy phones

Are you wondering where a file you downloaded to your Samsung Galaxy phone went? Getting your hands on the saved file can be quite challenging without knowing where to look,  especially if you are in a hurry.

Below you will find information about how to access downloads on Samsung phones and where they are stored.

Downloaded files can be accessed in a variety of ways depending on their type and how they were downloaded. Downloaded files are usually stored in the Downloads folder on your internal storage when you use Google Chrome or another web browser.

Data downloaded by apps are stored in subfolders they create in the 'Android' folder. The directory is not accessible to users, and you must grant the file manager special permission to modify files and folders inside. Netflix or Prime Video movies or TV shows downloaded for offline viewing are not accessible outside of those apps.

It is also possible for apps to create a folder in the root directory of the phone's internal storage to store downloaded data. Regardless, you can generally access downloaded files on your Galaxy phone using a file manager, whether that's the included one or a third-party one.

Your Galaxy phone's internal storage can be accessed manually by tapping on Internal storage under the Storage section. External storage will appear here if your phone supports it. You can access its files by tapping on its name.

The My Files app only displays the Essentials folder when you access your phone's internal storage. These are the most common folders you'll need to access: Downloads, Music, Pictures, and DCIM (where camera shots are stored).

If you want to see all of the folders on your phone's internal storage, select All from the drop-down menu below Internal storage.

If you don't like Samsung's built-in My Files app, you might want to consider one of the best third-party file managers available for Android.

In addition, they allow you to connect to an FTP or SFTP server and manage files remotely. Get the most out of your Galaxy phone by checking out the best Android and One UI software tips.

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