Images and a first-look video for the Nothing Phone 1 tease fancy LED notification lights on the back panel

The images and first-look video of the Nothing Phone 1 show that the back panel has a bunch of fancy lights. Apparently, these lights illuminate to indicate incoming messages or calls. Several hours after the UK-based company unveiled the design of the phone, journalist Rafael Zeier shared images and video from an event in Switzerland.

On July 12, Nothing Phone 1 will be launched through a virtual event called 'Return to Instinct'.

Several media outlets were granted limited access to the upcoming Nothing Phone 1 at a surprise event at Art Basel in Switzerland, reported Zeier. Zeier was among those sharing images and content creators.

Lorenz Keller, another journalist, posted a short video showing how the backlights of the phone appear to glow. An illuminated ring is also visible near the middle of the back panel, but this only happens at certain times, such as while charging.

Although it's not yet clear what these glowing lights are for, rumor has it that we will be seeing notifications lights in a new avatar in the future. There used to be dedicated notification lights on the front of smartphones in the past that lit up to indicate incoming calls, message alerts, and charging. Over the years, they've taken a back seat to the front or screen (like in Samsung and OnePlus phones). 

These lights may serve a greater purpose or they may just be a design element to make it stand out from other smartphones.

Nothing Phone 1 has a white rear panel with rounded corners. The smartphone features a dual-camera system with an LED flash.

The smartphone includes a power button and a volume rocker on the right spine. There appears to be no 3.5mm jack on this phone and it has a USB Type-C port. On July 12, 'Return to Instinct', a virtual event devoted to the launch of the phone, will take place.

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