iOS 16 ruins Apple's iPads and destroys their value

At first, iPadOS 16 seemed like a dream to iPad users. Multitasking with Apple's new Stage Manager and the ability to connect to external displays were two of the most requested features from the community.

Many users quickly lost all those good feelings when they realized they couldn't use those requested features on their current iPads.The Stage Manager feature of iPadOS 16 is only available to M1 iPads, so many people with slightly older iPads will be left out.

I think that the iPadOS 16 has the potential to ruin what's best about Apple. That's not the only feature that many iPad users won't be able to use, making it a much more complicated story.

When you hear comparisons of the best iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices to the competition, you'll often hear people praise Apple for how long they support their products.

One of the best reasons why Apple's devices — especially flagship devices — are worth the investment is the ongoing support, updates, and security patches for your device. Despite being six (almost seven) years old, iOS 15 still supports the iPhone 6S. However, I fear that the iPadOS 16 will change everything.

As the iPad Pro (2020) is only two years old, it will lack major features that Apple has added to iPadOS 16. When iPad Pro (2020) users update to iPadOS 16, they will be underwhelmed and feel left out by Apple's choices.

There is no doubt that iPad Pro (2020) users will be disappointed. Despite getting just enough upgrades to stay alive, the iPad Pro (2020) will likely feel like it is past its prime.

Although the M1 chip is powerful, and Apple said that the M1 chip is needed for Stage Manager to work, should older hardware not be made better when software can, and not be ignored?

Apple must have added some other update to the iPad Pro (2020) to give it a little more multitasking power if Stage Manager is trulyn't able to run on the A12Z Bionic.

This has been a highly requested feature from so many users. It would have been nice if Apple had offered a simpler version of its device or a different feature altogether to maintain its promise of support for its devices.

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