It looks like the iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost more than the standard model

A new leak claims that Apple's flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max could be priced at $1199 this year, repeating previous reports.

That it will try to maintain the price difference between the Pro and regular models, as well as recover increased costs associated with its new design and hardware.

Those improvements, including a dual punch-hole display to house Apple's enhanced front camera and Face ID system, a new image sensor, and an A16 processor, will come at a cost, The Gallox reports.

His predictions are sometimes hit or miss and sometimes just common sense aggregates, but nonetheless other leakers have also talked up a higher price and top-notch specs for the iPhone 14 Pro Max:

Even if Apple doesn't boost the Pro model prices, the price difference between the iPhone 14 Plus/Max and the iPhone 14 Pro would only be 100 dollars, given the upgrades to the Pro models and the all-new design.

If Apple wants to keep the $200 difference between the regular and Pro models, it must increase all prices by $100.

Under-display Face ID dot projectors and elliptical punch holes will come standard with the Pro models, in addition to other upgrades, such as a better camera set, display features, and processing power.

Because the iPhone 14 series includes a $699 iPhone 13 mini model, its average price will be significantly higher compared to the iPhone 13 series.

The total price of all of Apple's 2021 iPhone models is $3596, but if rumors of a $2022 price hike hold true, you'd need $400 more to buy them all.

The more expensive 14 Pro Max model will offer much more display for much less money, but it will also cost more than the iPhone 13 at launch.

while the iPhone 14 keeps its $799 price tag rather than taking on the iPhone 13 mini price, effectively raising all 2022 iPhone prices.

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