More Pixel-centric safety features could be coming to other smartphones soon: Details

In its Pixel smartphones, Google introduces exclusive features that eventually make their way to other devices.

Additionally, the list of utility features offered to non-Pixel phones has been growing over time.

It looks like Google is about to do it again, as it is rumored that some Pixel-centric safety features will soon be available on other phones as well.

The Pixel's Personal Safety app could soon be compatible with other Android phones, according to a new report.

It has only been available on Pixel phones to date, but that may soon change. 9to5Google found traces of the codes at the end of the app that suggest Personal Safety will be coming to other phones as well.

Basically, this app is for people who are in an emergency situation. An important feature within the app is the car crash alert, which immediately alerts the emergency services if there is a crash.

In addition, the app offers alerts for crises, which are commonly used during natural disasters such as earthquakes.

The underlying code is usually marked with Pixel, but it appears Google has made changes to make the app compatible with nonpixel phones behind the scenes.

With the Android 13 launch still a few months away, it's possible the main app could be offered to everyone via the Play Store Services, a built-in feature on Android smartphones.

Additionally, the Locked Folder option for Google Photos users and Digital Wellbeing, which also has the Heads Up option for Pixel users, have gradually made the move as well.

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