On an iPhone, how can you change the battery color

The battery color of your iPhone can be changed easily. Recently, several iPhone users asked about changing the battery color on their iPhones.' Therefore, I am here today to explain how you can do that. Let's take a look inside.

Your iPhone's status bar shows the battery indicator as one of its aspects. You can tell how much battery life your iPhone has left by looking at its icon, which indicates how long you can use it before it needs to be charged.

However, if you wish to change the color of your battery symbol to something else, you will be discouraged. Only a few colors are available, and some are only available under certain circumstances.

You can change the color of your iPhone battery in two ways. On this page, I have covered the two best methods for changing the color of the battery icon on an iPhone. Join me to learn all about it in quick detail by staying with me till the end.

This can be done by toggling on battery % in iPhone Settings > General > Battery. You'll notice a new line in your status bar, along with that small lightning bolt that shows how much charge is left.

iOS 15 improves things even further. You can also see how much battery your smartphone apps consume on the same page.

Activate Low power mode using the toggle; your battery icon will turn yellow. Using this method, users can quickly change the battery color of their iPhones without installing any other known apps. On your iPhone, you can use the free auto clicker if you want to auto tap.

A second way to change your battery indicator's color is through software. Third-party apps allow you to customize and change the appearance of your device. To change the color of your power indicator, you must jailbreak your phone.

Among the free Cydia tweaks in this series, Smoothbattery allows you to customize the color of your battery icon. With additional settings, you can change icon size, color label text, and many other aspects.

SmoothBattery works without glitches or issues, which is an advantage. Your screen will look and feel completely different once you use it!

You can download this tweak for free from Cydia's BigBoss repo and it is compatible with all iOS 7, 8, and 13 devices. Jailbroken devices, such as the iPad 2, iPad Mini/Mini, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S/4/3S, and iPhone 5/5S, are also supported.

These features set it apart from similar apps, but after the free trial period expires, you'll have to pay. Despite this, SmoothBattery Tweak is the best option if you want to modify your power icon quickly.

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