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OnePlus 10 Pro fails scratch and bend test compared to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

OnePlus 10 Pro fails scratch and bend test compared to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

It is announced that Samsung has launched one of its most anticipated flagship series, the Galaxy S22 series, which includes the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra in the global market. 

The company promised a lot but didn't reveal anything about the durability of the smartphone at its launch. Because of its high-end specifications, this smartphone generated huge interest across the globe.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has already been thoroughly tested by popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything and the results are pretty impressive. Let's see how it performs.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be shattered into pieces by JerryRigEverything, who has a history of testing premium smartphones. A standard durability test includes a razor blade scratch test, a lighter test, and a bend test.

A razor blade scratch test is used to test the durability of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the video suggests that Gorilla Glass Victus+ can withstand scratches at levels 6 and 7 and receive deeper grooves at levels 8.

Using a razor blade on the premium S22 Ultra is probably not a good idea because it's expensive. The YouTuber tested both the frame and the pen with the blade and noted that neither was damaged. 

Even though the camera lens seems to be made of durable glass, the metal blade can scratch the camera ring, which also scratches the lens.

A second test that is included on the list is the lighter test, which shows that although there is a burned area on the screen, it still functions completely.

YouTubers also found that the fingerprint scanner in the display didn't respond differently when the grooves on the display were deeper.

Because the S22 Ultra did not bend at all during the final bend test, Samsung has proven to have made a tough phone.

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