Privacy is protected with Murena One from Google and surveillance


Murena knows that privacy matters. Due to the deep rootedness of online services and operating systems in smartphones, bugs, security issues, and surveillance glitches can often infiltrate technology, watching everyone's every move, transaction, and data.

Murena builds its own operating system, /e/OS, to empower its users and give them control over their lives, based on this worrisome foundation. Using outstanding and transparent products and services to help people escape digital surveillance

we are committed to privacy. A testament to Murena's mission, Murena One, an Android smartphone that safeguards the privacy of its users, is the new addition to the Murena family.


This smartphone features a 6.5-inch display and supports 4G LTE.

The brand has given it a punch-hole camera design in front to ‘give the users the best viewing experience,’ powered by its 25MP front camera, while the back's photography features are rounded out by three rear cameras - 48MP, 8MP, and 5MP.

Murena says the system provides users with smooth performance thanks to an octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, as well as 128GB of built-in storage and the option to expand it with an SD Card. It is also equipped with a dual-sim setting, as well as a 4500mAh battery, ensuring users have enough power to get through the day without charging.

As of now, the phone costs 349,00€, but is currently out of stock.

Murena's in-house OS eliminates Google services from its smartphones - including Fairphone, Gigaset, and Teracube. In our privacy by design ecosystem, /e/OS is at the heart. We have removed many pieces of code that sent your personal data to remote servers without your consent.

'We do not scan your data on your phone or cloud space, track your location a hundred times a day, or collect what you do with your apps,' the company states. /e/OS then sources from open-source apps to cover most of the users' needs

such as an ad-free search engine, an email platform, secure online storage, document management, calendar, and many other online tools that create a unique privacy-enhanced environment. The company continues to add that most of your favorite Android apps will still work with /e/OS because it runs on Android.

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