Review of the Asus Zenfone 9: The 5.9-inch screen makes it my favorite Android device

In many places, today's smartphone displays have to be large. Despite this being an important point for most users, I personally feel differently now. My iPhone 12 fits perfectly in my hand.

The last Android I had was the Pixel 6 Pro, which was anything but small and handy - but packed with strong hardware and software. Asus introduces the new zenfone 9, an Android smartphone with a 5.9-inch screen that is both practical and packed with the latest hardware.

In addition to the specs and prices, we blogged about the idea of the device here. During this test, I went through the Zenfone 9 in detail and wrote down everything I learned.

In my test, I used the 16GB RAM/256GB storage Asus Zenfone 9, version. For the two slightly weaker versions, my impressions of the performance should not differ much. I was also able to compare the two models directly since we own a Zenfone 8.

Firstly, I wear glasses because my eyes aren't the best anymore, and I've always been happy with the development of the display. As the title of this article states, the Zenfone 9 hits the sweet spot between being convenient and powerful.

Nevertheless, I like both the display size and the design overall. In addition, there are playful elements on the back and straight edges on the frame. Plastic that has been roughened.

Due to this, the Zenfone 9 is as handy as the majority of Android smartphones on the market today. OnePlus doesn't have the same coarse grain on the back as back then, but it's reason enough for me to prefer taking the device without the case than with it.

When I lay it on a surface, the only thing that bothers me is that the camera lenses rest on the device. I agree with you about the size and thickness of camera lenses. It has rightly been mocked on the internet by some people. I personally don't mind the design.

My irritation with camera bumps has also long since gone away - Apple doesn't seem to make any difference either. Every individual must decide for themselves whether the design of the camera is more irritating than not.

There are four colors available for the Zenfone 9, and I especially like the red and blue versions. The company is also launching a new accessory line called 'Connex'.

Remember that case with a drawstring that was shown in the first trailer for the device and could magnetically dock to a mount attached to a backpack? Because the drawstring secures the holder, it is possible, for example, to take bike tours and remove your phone on the go.

Sadly, I have not tested that accessory yet, but I plan on picking it up when it becomes available and recording a few Lost Places trips. Zenfone 9 has a sharp FHD+ AMOLED display. In direct sunlight, however, the maximum brightness is a problem.

The device was occasionally moved into the shade while I was on holiday in Holland to help me see better. Zenfone 9 buyers get a really great and colorful display, so that's complaining at a high level.

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