Samsung's decision to axe the cherished Galaxy Note series is justified by robust sales of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

TM Roh, the president of Samsung Electronics, recently made comments about the sale of the S22 Ultra and the likelihood of a Galaxy Note resurrection.

It seems impossible to envision a Galaxy Note resurrection, based on the estimated sales figures for the S22 Ultra. 

A post made by Ice Universe on the Chinese social media site Weibo informs us that Samsung has managed to shift 10.9 million units of its Galaxy S22 Ultra model in the past week, which is a very impressive number.

 The official Samsung USA website currently listing brand-new S22 Ultras at US$1,199.99-US$1,299.99 depending on carrier, which easily equates to billions in sales even when regional market prices vary.

In addition, the Galaxy S22 Ultra sales number also compares very well to the sales numbers for the individual Galaxy Note devices. Some other smartphones, such as the Galaxy Note 8, which had a staggering 10.3 million sales, also smashed hits.

It is, however, disturbing to see the ensuing sales data for the Galaxy Note line of smartphones, which reveals a disturbing downward trend: Galaxy Note 9 sold 9.6 million units; Galaxy Note 10 sold 9.5 million units; Galaxy Note 20 sold 7.5 million units.

Although the Galaxy Note line is clearly adored by Samsung fans, the sales figures were falling, and a refresh was necessary to bring back the lost sales momentum.

If that wasn’t enough evidence to indicate the zero chance of a return for the Galaxy Note, TM Roh has made a comment that should quash any lingering hopes. The executive from Ice Universe's marketing division tweeted this statement:

'Starting this year, Galaxy Note will be shown off with S Ultra in every year's lineup. This means that the Galaxy S Ultra series will continue to sport all of the best features of the Galaxy Note series without the Note ever making any kind of surprise appearance along the way.

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