Some iPhone users are freaking out over this iOS 16 change

The release of iOS 16 by Apple this week did not go over well with everyone. iOS 16 introduces a number of new features, but not all iPhone users will be able to utilize them. With iOS 16, only the iPhone 8 and later models are supported. Thus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, and original iPhone SE owners are out of luck.

Apple dropping support for these iPhone models is somewhat shocking. Earlier versions of iOS 15 were compatible with iPhone models going back to the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE.

There was a time in the past when Apple supported not one, but two generations of iPhones: the 2015 iPhone 6S and the 2016 iPhone 7. Despite the fact that these mobile devices are around seven years old, and the fact that the number of users is not too high, the impacted users are unhappy about being phased out.

Apple is well known for its commitment to supporting older iPhone models when it releases a new version of iOS. Apple works hard to make sure that its next-generation software can run on older devices as well as it does on the newest devices. But there comes a point when it's just not feasible to maintain support for antiquated hardware. There are also cases when old iPhone hardware can't run current software.

However, some have pointed out that technically there are no obstacles prohibiting the iPhone 7 from running iOS 16, especially since its A10 processor is the same one that is found in the fifth-generation iPad.However, that doesn't make the frustration any less real for users.

If you're running an iPhone 8 or a more recent device, iOS 16 brings a lot to the table. One of the most exciting iOS 16 features is the ability to customize the iPhone lock screen. With this iOS device, users can play around with different templates and customize the lock screen. They can choose different fonts, colors, and screen elements to customize their lock screen.

The iOS 16 update contains numerous new features such as a new notification design, an updated Messages app, the ability to unsend messages and recover deleted messages, Live Text in videos, improved dictation, Apple Pay Later, and much more.lock screen.

The Live Activities feature is one of the features I'm excited about. Live Activities allows users to keep track of sports scores in real-time from their lock screens. From the lock screen, you can also see the status of ridesharing services like Uber or delivery services like food delivery.

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