Thanks to a leaked prototype, new details emerge about the Pixel 7 Pro

The company doesn't seem to keep a tight policy when it comes to keeping the hardware secrets it is developing. The Pixel 7 series, of course, is not an exception. When it comes to leaks, every Pixel generation had details leaked prior to launch. 

A number of leaked prototypes of the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro have been appearing on the internet lately. The search giant has been trying to find and pursue these devices, but some of them have been slipping by the company's radar. 

It is thanks to tinkerers who have delved into these prototype devices that we now know what to expect from them. Unless they are radically different from their prototypes.

In the last few weeks, details about the upcoming Tensor 2 chip have been revealed. This processor will be powering the next generation of the Pixel phone, but according to reports, it will not be a competitor for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 series, the Dimensity 9000, or even the Samsung Exynos 2200.

 In order to offer cutting-edge performance using these chips, Google will still use the ARMv8 architecture, which basically confirms that the company is not interested in offering cutting-edge technology. There is a leak that confirms the Tensor 2 will use Cortex-A55 cores and has a 4+2+2 CPU core design.

On the ARM Cortex-X1 platform, there are two main cores. It is likely that the only change in the design is the replacement of the old Cortex-A76 cores for ARM Cortex-A78 mid-cores.

Pixel 7 series will also include an upgrade to the display technology on the device. In spite of this, the new evidence includes a Cirrus Logic CS40L26 chip used for haptic feedback.

It is a new generation of optics compared to the one in the Pixel 6 Pro. Therefore, when compared to the Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel 7 Pro may provide better haptic feedback. The second detail in this leak is the fact that the STMicroelectronics ST54K NFC chip has been replaced with a simpler ST21NFC chip.

In this case, UWB functionality is no longer included on the chip itself. To be honest, however, this is not all that suggests that Google is giving up on UWB, and in fact, that would be a shot in the foot, in my opinion. Hence, it is expected that the UWB will be provided by a separate chip.

The Pixel 7 is still several months away, which means more details are going to leak over time, after all there is still a lot of time before October when the Pixel 7 will be released.

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