The 200 W fast charger from Vivo is ready to amaze us

Vivo's 200 W ultra-fast charger is ready for action. Digital Chat Station, a well-known leaker in China, relays the information in a post published on Weibo.

The source says the technology will run at 20V and 10A but does not specify when it will be released. It's worth noting, however, that the battery of the selected smartphone will have a capacity greater than 4,000 mAh; the rest is unfortunately left to readers' speculations.

Thus, it is appropriate to point out the situations surrounding the Chinese company's top-of-the-range offer. Recently, the X80 and X80 Pro were unveiled, but the rumored X80 Pro Plus is still unknown.

There is no indication that the device actually exists but at this point, it's tantalizing to imagine that the plus point is being able to recharge fully in just a few minutes; and, why not, with a revised version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 as well.

The alternative is the X90 Pro, which is still quite far off if we follow the bi-monthly release cycle that has been adopted by Chinese companies for some time. In the current case, we are groping in the dark, as no indiscretion regarding this has come to light.

In reference to Xiaomi, let us note that it was the first to announce pushed charging. Since it happened almost exactly one year ago, there are no smartphones with the feature.

For its part, the Vivo X80 Pro charges up to 80W (with wireless charging at 50W). The source notes that the new technology will be backward compatible with 120W, 80W, 66W, and 33W.

We also know that the capacity of the battery after such a charge will be at least 4000mAh. Currently, Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus use 4500 mAh batteries with 80 watts of charging power. 

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