The folding of the OnePlus 10T goes nearly as tragically as it did for the 10 Pro

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2022

OnePlus 10T was just announced a couple weeks back, and from a design perspective, this hardware borrows heavily from OnePlus 10 Pro. It's in some respects a good choice, but we wondered if some of the 10 Pro's shortcomings might be addressed.

For example, Zack Nelson's durability tests showed disappointing results. The OnePlus 10T is now being put through some of those same tests, and, well, let's just say the back glass buckled under our expectations.

The OnePlus 10T shares striking design similarities with the OnePlus 10 Pro, including the square camera bump.

Its side rails, however, appear thicker than those of the 10 Pro, giving us hope that it will better resist damage, like the rigid OnePlus 8 Pro and 9 Pro.

The phone doesn't permanently deform when bent from the back, and there are no visible cracks in Nelson's tests.

It's nearly exactly along the 10 Pro's fault lines that bending from the front snaps the glass back panel in half.

The thicker plastic frame proves just as rigid as the thinner aluminum frame of the 10 Pro, despite the company's efforts to strengthen it.

Ignoring the bend test disaster for a moment, the phone scores well in other durability tests.

As the screen got scratchier, deeper grooves began to appear at level 7 of the Mohs hardness scale - typical for recent variants of Corning Gorilla Glass. In addition, the AMOLED screen managed to survive a lighter's flame for 20 seconds before becoming permanently damaged.

The OnePlus 10T should be fine if you treat it with some care and use a protective case for additional structural rigidity. Alternatively, if you prefer a phone without a case, see our list of the best Android phones for some better-made phones.

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