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By TechThop Team

Posted on: 22 Sep, 2022

First glitch fixer of Apple iOS 16

In the near future, Apple's new iOS 16 operating system will receive its first significant batch of bug fixes, which will address users' complaints.

Apple's primary goal is consumer's privacy

As the alert indicates when apps are reading the clipboard, where sensitive data may be saved, even when users may not be aware that that is occurring, Apple's goal with the paste permissions feature was to protect users' privacy.

Data spied by other social media apps

Numerous other iOS apps, including TikTok, were also revealed to have spied on clipboard data.

Unwanted pop-ups

The unpleasant paste pop-ups were not intended behavior, and they will soon be addressed, an Apple executive also verified to MacRumors via a reader email conversation. The executive said the issue wasn't discovered internally, but he acknowledged that other people had encountered the same difficulty.

Problems shared in media

The camera shaking issue that some early adopters had posted about on social media seemed to support this.

Function affects from surrounding noise

They discovered that photo-sharing applications, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, would create loud noises and record unsteady videos as noise.

Apple has no problem

However, this problem didn't exist while using Apple's built-in camera program, proving that it is a software issue.

Some have problem, some not

It turns out that this is not a defect that affects everyone, but Apple has not stated why some people had this issue and others did not.

Data transfer becomes the glitch

its being reported that, some owners of iPhone 14 Pro models claims that after transferring data, their devices stopped working.

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