The iPhone SE costs £24.50 a month with 200GB of data

It has been a hit all over the world since APPLE’S budget smartphone was announced in April. In addition to being a more affordable phone, this deal makes it even cheaper at £24.50 per month.

At the moment, everyone is on a tight budget, which is why we have gathered together all the cheapest deals on iPhone SE available for you.

The Virgin Media deal is one of our most affordable deals with a lot of data included. Phones from Virgin Media do not come with upfront fees or lump sum payments.

Similarly, they split the cost of the Apple handset and the cost of the airtime, so that you can figure out exactly what you are paying.

The iPhone SE will cost you £12.50 per month, while unlimited calls, texts, and 200GB of data will set you back £12 per month.

Therefore, you pay the total amount. Each month, you will pay £24.50 for 200GB of data on your iPhone SE 3rd generation.

You get a 36-month plan, which spreads your costs over three consecutive years, which is still a great deal.

People who want to keep their phones updated regularly may find this a problem. In any case, you will save money and most people will keep their phones for at least three to four years.

Overall, this is a stellar deal that packs a lot of data into an amazing phone that tech editor Sean Keach dubbed 'one of the biggest steals in smartphones today.'.

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