The next version of American Phone Icon Razr may not be made available in the United States

A new leak indicates that the next Motorola Razr mobile phone could be priced lower than the earlier versions. Despite this, there is no mention of this device being offered to US consumers in the purported leak, which implies the device will not launch in the US. 

OnLeaks, which has a history of leaking information on phones and other products, publishes a leak on Compare Dial that suggests the phone is coming to 'global markets,' which could theoretically include American audiences.

The first two models of the Motorola Razr didn't strictly exclude certain markets, and given Motorola's tendency to exclude phones from markets where they won't sell well, we might not see the folding phone here in the states.

However, we will likely see at the time of its release that the third Motorola Razr will be lower priced, with a price tag of about €1,149 (around $1,200), according to the leak. 

The Razr 2020's price of $1,400 isn't as bad as the Razr 2020's $1,400 price, so that might be better for consumers. It doesn't offer the lowest price, as it's still more expensive than the Galaxy Z Flip 3 for $999. But it's less expensive than any Razr device before.

According to the new leak, the smartphone will launch in one color, Quartz Black, though there is a possibility that other hues may become available in the future.

The next Razr, according to leaker Evan Blass, is expected to be redesigned, with a smooth glass cover over a dual wide-angle and regular cameras. In addition to Quartz Black, another color has been suggested: Tranquil Blue. 

Besides having 8GB or 12GB of RAM and 256 GB or 512 GB of internal storage, the rumor suggests that the next Razr will have several various configurations for its specifications. A Chinese release is expected in late July or early August, followed by a global release.

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