The Samsung Galaxy A03s is updated to Android 12.2 and One UI Core 4.1

The Samsung Galaxy A03s has received the Android 12 update, which brings One UI Core 4.1 to the entry-level smartphone. Other countries are expected to receive it soon.

In the Galaxy A03s Android 12 update, firmware version A037FXXU1BVFB addresses over 60 privacy and security vulnerabilities from June 2022. By going to Settings ยป Software update and tapping on Download and install, you can now update your Galaxy A03s to Android 12 and One UI Core 4.1, if you live in Serbia. The new firmware can also be downloaded and flashed manually when it appears in our database.

A new UI design is included in the new software, with the Color Palette feature that changes the color of certain UI elements according to the wallpaper you choose. It has a new widget selection UI, more lock screen widgets, larger brightness, and volume sliders, and improved Dark Mode.

Samsung has implemented the Privacy Dashboard, privacy indicators for active camera and microphone usage, and quick setting toggles for turning on/off camera and microphone access. Also, you can choose whether to give apps accurate or approximate locations and receive notifications when apps attempt to copy your clipboard data.

The updated Samsung Keyboard offers more stickers, GIFs, animated emoji pairs, and Grammarly-powered language suggestions. A floating button now lets you access the accessibility features. There are also more brightness, color, contrast, and magnification options.

A new cleaner camera app starts recording video as soon as you press the shutter button. Video recording is used to start after clicking and releasing the shutter. A level indicator has been added to the Camera app's Pro mode, and a new widget has been added to the Calendar app.

In the Gallery app, you can view the location of each photo on a map and enhance stories. It is now easier to arrange and sort albums, remaster blurry photos or old photos, and remove sensitive information from images. Even select multiple photos and edit their information at the same time.

The original image is available after editing, so you can walk back on edits. Photos can now be adjusted in lighting and stickers and emojis added. The sharing menu has been simplified. The layout can even be edited so that the most popular sharing options show up on top.

There is now a widget on Samsung Internet's home screen that allows you to search directly for information. A new Device Care section provides an easier way to diagnose phone problems and offers better search suggestions, as well as the ability to launch the web browser in Secret Mode. Pop-up window options can now be pinned to make it easier to access them.

The Settings app has also been enhanced to display charging information, picture in picture, and search quality. In addition to providing you with a report on all the times you used the phone while driving, the phone also allows you to initiate calls and find information more quickly while messaging.

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