The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's 200 MP camera doesn't excite

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 06 Aug, 2022

As it was revealed a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is equipped with a 200 MP camera, and there is now more information coming out about this sensor than was previously unveiled.

As it stands, the camera on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will not be as powerful as the camera on the Xiaomi S23 Ultra, and it might not even be as strong as the camera on the Xiaomi S23 Ultra.

The first detail of the Galaxy S23 Ultra's 200 MP cameras surfaced earlier in the week, and the information was quite surprising.

As a result of such a leak, it has been revealed that the sensor in question is the ISOCELL HP2, and a new rumor has now come to light indicating some more details that, sadly, may deflate expectations.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra's 200 MP sensor for the camera will be made with native pixels that are about 0.6 microns in size, as revealed by I've Universe.

The HP2's size is, perhaps, the most important information on the sensor, as it also provides a clue as to the chip's size. The ISOCELL HP1, Samsung's other premium 200 MP sensor, has a native pixel size of 0.64 μm.

The HP2 is most likely to have the same pixel pitch as the HP1, and as such, it will be the same size as the HP1—1/1.22', which would mean it is even smaller than that. 

As far as we can tell, the Galaxy S23 Ultra's 200 MP camera will share most specs with the ISOCELL HP1, set to debut next week on the Moto X30 Pro. 

As well as producing 12.5 MP images after 16-in-1 binning, the new sensor is also likely to produce images of 12 MP.

 The Galaxy S20 Ultra's ISOCELL HM1 and the Mi Note 10's ISOCELL HMX have identical physical specifications, so this would present a similar situation.

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