The Samsung self-repair program has finally been launched - but there are some limitations

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 03 Aug, 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 line, and the Tab S7 Plus can now be repaired by owners with iFixit's self-repair program. Since the initial announcement of the self-repair program in late March, not much has changed. 

The three product lines include repair kits for the screen and battery, charging port, and back glass; standalone batteries are not included. Free online repair guides with step-by-step instructions and images are available to help you fix the phone.

The first step is to visit iFixit's Galaxy page and select the model you want to repair. S20 and S21 prices are largely the same. Replacement of charging ports costs $66.99.

The S21 base model's back glass costs $66.99. Depending on the phone, display and battery kits cost different amounts. Again, the base S21 $167.99 is the cheapest, while the S21 Ultra $239.99 is the most expensive.

The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet has a little different price. There is a $226.99 charge for the display kit, an $86.99 charge for the back glass and battery assembly, and a $66.99 charge for the charging port. 

Apart from the product-specific components, each repair kit comes with the same tools: suction handles, tweezers, and a bit driver. In addition to the repair kits, Samsung provides a free return label so the old parts can be shipped back. 

The lithium-ion battery disposal instructions on iFixit are also very helpful. Batteries like these can explode if thrown away in the trash. The S21 5G Screen and Battery package, for example, is limited to seven per customer.

The step-by-step instructions can be found on Samsung's landing page. As iFixit admits, repairs can be tricky. As an example, the Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen and Battery replacement page are listed as moderately difficult. 

The battery is replaced by prying open the phone with a pick and suction handle. Samsung offers alternative options if you don't feel confident doing it yourself. Find a Samsung authorized fix-it shop or mail the phone.

A little disappointing is the limited number of devices that can be repaired. The Galaxy S22, Samsung's latest flagship phone, would have been nice. According to the announcement, more devices are planned, but no date has been given.

The Samsung team has been contacted about adding more devices and selling batteries separately from display kits. In response, Samsung had no new information.

The repair options are good, though. Samsung has finally joined Apple and Google in offering phone repairs. Steam Deck is even doing the same. All of these are major wins for consumers and the environment. 


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