There is a viral trend of memes inspired by the popular app BeReal

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 26 Jul, 2022

There's a good chance you've heard of BeReal if you're online or have been near a social media-savvy person when the daily BeReal alarm goes off. The candid photo app has exploded in popularity since it launched in 2019.

Recently, BeReal's influence has extended beyond its up-and-coming app. Throughout the years, meme-ers have created hilarious mockups of BeReal posts, so now is a great time to be a BeReal.

If you've been completely confused by all the 'It's time to BeReal' tweets on your Twitter timeline, you'll first need to know how BeReal works. Every day, every BeReal user gets an alert to post a picture of what they're currently doing.

Using the front and back cameras of your phone, the app takes a picture of what you're looking at and how you look right now. It forces users to post completely candid accounts of their daily lives within two minutes, without any filters.

Since BeReal has gained popularity, internet users have taken the minimalist app and completely meme-find it to imagine what BeReal posts would look like on different occasions. (For example, Nicole Kidman walking into an AMC.) Like most memes today, it's both timely and fully dadaist. Similar to BeReal itself, the meme format is booming.

No matter if you're a daily BeReal poster or new to the app, here's everything you need to know. Despite BeReal's release in 2019, the app seems to have grown in popularity in 2022, with downloads increasing by 315% this year. As of late July 2022, the BeReal meme doesn't seem to have taken off yet.

Internet users have come up with some of the absolute best - and worst - moments for a BeReal to be posted, just as the daily BeReal notification might find users in some pretty peculiar situations (see: on the toilet, with your ex, etc.).

It appears that most BeReal memes are inspired by moments from pop culture, television, and film. As an example, consider Florence Pugh's view at the end of Midsommar, or Elio's heartbreaking view at the end of Call Me By Your Name.

Increasingly, these references have gotten more niche (such as Remy the rat from Ratatouille's back camera capturing Chef Linguini's hat.)

It has even reached a level of meme-ception since many have used preexisting memes to make their fake BeReals. A crying Boo from Monsters Inc. behind a steering wheel says authenticity like nothing else.

There is nothing more honest than a BeReal playing along with an internet conspiracy that Lea Michele has no clue about. Nicole Kidman walking into an AMC Theater could never be more BeReal. The feeling of being real is good in a place like this.

The format of BeReal posts is fairly straightforward, which makes meme-ing one quite simple. The only thing you need to do is crop your 'front-facing' photo into the upper left corner of the back camera view on your hypothetical BeReal.

Make the smaller image look more realistic by giving it rounded corners and a thin black border. Furthermore, KapWing offers a BeReal meme template that can simplify the process. It's time to BeReal! Once you've created your hilarious doctored BeReal image, caption it 'It's time to BeReal!' and share it effortlessly.

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