There is no US release date for Nothing's Phone 1

A commission may be earned by Vox Media if you buy something from a Verge link.  Despite reports to the contrary, there has been no confirmation that the Phone 1 won't be released widely in the US or Canada, reports PCMag.

In a statement, nothing was said about these devices being distributed to community investors in a 'closed beta' program. They added that they were hoping to launch a phone that's compatible with the US in the future.

In a statement to PCMag, the company said, 'Much as we'd love to bring Phone 1 to everyone around the world, we're focusing on our home markets, like the UK and Europe, where we have strong relationships with local carriers.'

'A smartphone launch involves many things, such as being sure the handset is compatible with the local cellular technology, partnering with local carriers, and complying with local regulations, and since we're still a young brand it's important we act strategically.'

Nobody's phone is not compatible with AT&T's voice-over LTE service, or Verizon's service is non-existent. Users seeking Nothing's phone in the US will likely experience unpredictable coverage on T-Mobile, no voice-over LTE on AT&T, and no service at all on Verizon.

Following a limited number of pre-orders on StockX ahead of the official launch on July 12th, rumors began to circulate that the device will not receive a full US release.

There was a disclaimer along with the product listing acknowledging that the phone was not fully supported in North America. According to your carrier, coverage, speed, and reliability, your device may function improperly or not at all.'

Since the US smartphone market has traditionally been difficult to enter, new entrants have had a hard time breaking into. Most Chinese manufacturers - such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei - do not launch phones in the country,

while Apple and Samsung dominate the handset selection by US carriers. A startup like Nothing doesn't seem to have as much success breaking through as it would like.

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