This epic drop test from over 300 meters high pits the Samsung Galaxy S10 against the Nokia 3310

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 26 Jul, 2022

The American YouTuber Khristian Flohr conducted an experiment that has been part of bar room chatter for years: how tough is the Nokia 3310?

It wasn't just the Nokia that was dropped in this test; Flohr also dropped a Samsung S10 from the same height to see how a modern smartphone would hold up.

UNILAD TECH reports that the clip went viral on social media, and the result is unsurprising. Flohr flies his drone over 300 meters in the air while holding the phones before they fall.

While the smartphone is completely shattered after the impact, the Nokia miraculously still switches on. According to GSMarena, Samsung launched the smartphone in 2019 and discontinued it in 2022.

Our users offered their opinions, and some were rather funny; we selected some of our favorites: Richie Gilbert says

'They are lucky they didn't destroy the ground; those Nokias are indestructible, I expected a crack in the pavement.' 

William Lemcke says: The Nokia still works! I knew what was going to happen before the drop. I think we all did. But make sure the concrete is not cracked.'

David Allwright says: I still have mine. I keep it as a backup in case of an emergency.' 

Jake Liapis says:  'This is clearly a fake. The Nokia phone must have been destroyed off camera with some otherworldly weapon. Additionally, there is no crater where the phone landed.' 

Alun Farr says:  'The dinosaurs died by dropping Nokia 3310s from that height.' 

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