Users reported design flaw and replacement error with the Nothing Phone 1

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 26 Jul, 2022

The first public sale of Nothing Phone (1) took place last week without any pre-order requirements. A few users got the unit quickly, while others saw long shipping times.

The unit design flaws are soon reported by users, and requesting a replacement is difficult.

The Nothing Phone (1)'s display had previously been complained about for its green tint and a black dot near the punch hole.

There are now design problems with the Nothing Phone (1)'s rear panel. 

There was a reported issue on Twitter regarding an identical design flaw. The Nothing Phone (1) black color variant also had a design flaw, which we noticed after unboxing it.

As shown in both cases, the wire tape is not aligned correctly on the back of Nothing Phone (1).

As we requested a replacement, Flipkart reported an error while making the request. Flipkart and Nothing were addressed via Twitter.

A Flipkart support agent responded to the complaint by saying: Thank you for reaching out and sharing the order ID.

There is no doubt that we understand your concern here. The team is actively working towards resolving your issue.

The company has yet to respond regarding this matter, so we'll be contacting you about it further.

The company sent them a damaged Nothing Phone (1) instead of a replacement for the Nothing Phone (1) they had ordered on Twitter.

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