Using the Apple Pencil and your iPad to write handwritten notes

iPad users can use Apple Pencil as a versatile tool. In addition to drawing, painting, or coloring, you can also take notes and doodle. Here's how you can do it.

Apple Pencil comes in two different models. Apple Pencil, the first generation, has a round shape and was introduced with the original iPad Pro. In addition to a Lightning connector, it also includes a charging cap.

At the time of writing, here is a list of all iPads that support the first-generation Apple Pencil: (3rd generation iPad Air), iPad mini (5th generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st or 2nd generation), iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad (6th generation), iPad 10.2 inch (7th generation)

As of the time of writing, this accessory is only supported on the following iPad Pro models with Face ID (again, at the time of writing):11-inch iPad Pro (2018 and 2020 models), (2018 and 2020 models) iPad Pro 12.9

You don't even need to download an app to start taking notes on your iPad. Use the built-in Notes app.

Create a new note in the 'Notes' app on your iPad. You can then make the note full-screen by tapping on the Expand button.

The first drawing tool is the Pen tool. You can adjust the nib thickness and transparency by tapping on it. For the next two tools, Marker and Pencil, you can do the same thing.

You can switch to the Eraser by double-tapping the Action button on the second-generation Apple Pencil. The Action button can also be customized to switch to the last used tool instead.

A Lasso-style selection tool is the fifth tool. The tool can be selected by circling over an element. (Photoshop users might be familiar with it.) Once they're selected, you can move them around with your finger. Moving a doodle can be done this way.

The ruler is the last tool in the set. When you select it, you'll see a large ruler appear in the note area. Two fingers can be used to move the Ruler and change the angle.

You'll see that the ruler snaps to certain angles, such as 45 degrees, 90 degrees, etc. After you've used the ruler, tap the icon again to get rid of it.

You'll find a color picker on the right edge. There are five common colors you can choose from, or you can tap on the color picker icon to see all available shades.

When you're finished writing, you'll find a hidden gem. There's a handwriting recognition feature built into Apple Notes. Apple will recognize and index your handwriting as long as it is legible.

As a result, you can search for text within handwritten notes. Try searching for something in your handwritten note using the 'Search' field.

To take handwritten notes, you don't even need to unlock your iPad. Simply tap on your iPad's lock screen with your Apple Pencil. A new blank note will appear. You can go back and save it later.

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