Voice Control is now available on iOS and macOS with OmniFocus 3 update

The popular task app OmniFocus 3, which is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, was updated on Monday in such a way as to make it more accessible to people with physical disabilities. That is because the app now fully supports the Voice Control feature available on iOS and macOS devices.

For those who are unfamiliar with Voice Control, it is not associated with Siri. It is instead Voice Control, a feature that has been included in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, which gives users complete control over their smartphones and tablets via voice commands alone.

This application is capable of recognizing all kinds of commands, such as swipe down', long press', and even 'lock screen.

Developers indeed can take advantage of these features to improve accessibility support in their apps in order to make them more accessible, and that's exactly what the Omni Group has achieved with OmniFocus 3.13.

There are now specific commands available within the app for users who have enabled Voice Control in the app, as detailed in a blog post.

The task manager supports voice commands that can be used to select a specific item and change its setting, ask for a summary of the day's tasks, or to mark a task as complete using voice commands.

The OmniFocus team believes it is important to make the tool available in whatever way and wherever you want to use it, whether you are using a keyboard and mouse, a touch screen, a watch, a web browser, or just your voice. 

The developers of the app have provided detailed instructions on how to use it with Voice Control enabled as well as full documentation.

But that's not all there is to the OmniFocus version 3.13 update, as there are also improvements made to automation, better Shortcuts support, and a few general bug fixes included as well.

You can download OmniFocus for macOS and iOS from the App Store for free for a 14-day trial period. In order to use the app further, you must subscribe to it for a monthly fee of $9.99, which can be purchased in the app.

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