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We asked you, and you said: This is the best fingerprint scanner style for you


We asked you, and you said: This is the best fingerprint scanner style for you

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

There are fingerprint scanners on many smartphones today, but their locations vary. The majority of OEMs are moving to in-display fingerprint scanners, but some still use button-mounted or dedicated scanners.

For example, consider the Zenfone 9 from Asus. The biometric reader is placed on the side of the smart key power button. Sony's Xperia 1 IV also features a capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side.

While Robert Triggs of Android Authority prefers one kind of fingerprint scanner over all others, we wanted to know what you, our readers, prefer - in-display fingerprint scanners, side-mounted fingerprint scanners, or back-mounted fingerprints scanners. Based on your votes, here's how you voted.

We received over 2,600 votes from readers, and side-mounted fingerprint scanners seem to be the most popular. Four out of five respondents said they liked their phones with fingerprint scanners on the side.  Our poll takers also prefer in-display fingerprint security.

A total of 27% of voters chose this style. Currently, it is very popular on smartphones. In addition, 22% of respondents prefer fingerprint scanners mounted on the back, and 4% do not use fingerprint unlocking at all. Internet Person: One of the best things about side FPS is that it forces OEMs to use flat screens.

Kasey Smith

My thoughts as a former Z5 owner, now an XZ2 owner: The side-mounted scanner worked well in every situation.

When pulling out the phone from a pocket, it was easy to reach but was not obstructed when mounted on a car or bicycle. In the Xperia 1 II, they brought it back, and I'm glad they did.  The reason I'm excited about upgrading to a newer phone this fall is this very reason.


The power key is rarely used. For me, double tapping on and off is normal. In that context, a side-mount scanner is out of the question. The entire display is on.


Personally, I think a fingerprint sensor on the back is the best implementation.


A rear FP scanner would be faster in most use cases, such as grabbing the phone from a pocket or table, but would be unreachable in other cases like when the phone is on a wireless charger, mounted to a bike, or mounted to some car mounts, so I still prefer front or side mounted ones.

Stanley Kubrick

I'm not sure of the reasons...but why not put one on the back as well as under the front glass? Both become active simultaneously, and you can choose which one is most convenient for you. It can't cost that much more or take up that much space. I consider the OEM who does this first to be the winner.


With the Galaxy Z Flip, I love the side-mounted scanner just as much as I did with the Xperia Z5. It's a little redundant with the Flip, since opening it automatically wakes it up. Face unlock is relatively quick too, but either way, even if it's asleep, I can simply touch the power button er, side key with some intent, and I'm in.


The fingerprint reader on my device does not matter whether it is on the back, the side, the front chin, or the display. As long as it works well and fast, that's all that matters... My preference? If given the choice, I'd probably place it on the back.

Paul B

My first touch was on the Samsung S10 screen... it worked well. In general, I prefer touch to Face ID. After that, the Pixel 5 was touched on the back. However, it is more awkward than face. On the Pixel 6 Pro, the screen works well for me... but I love my iPad Air's touch-the-button feature... I would always prefer it.


The in-display technology is, for the most part, a novelty. Having had rear-mounted, in-display mounted, and side-mounted (in that order), I won't go back. In my experience, a case with a sculpted recess for the sensor (UB or similar) works best. No matter if the phone is cased or not, side-mounted just seems to make itself at home under my thumb a heckuva lot sooner and easier.

Pete Kilburn

You've got to put it on the BACK!!! In terms of side fingerprint readers, phones are made for right-handed people...really annoying.


The majority of left-handed users dislike side-mounted fingerprint readers. There is no doubt that in-display is the future. Ultrasonic readers are better if your optical reader is trash, which they always are.

Joe Carroll

Buying another phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor is very hesitant for me. There has never been one that meets my expectations that I have ever used. Due to this, I downgraded to an older phone and will probably buy a Pixel 5, 5A, or this new Asus (if my budget permits) instead of a Pixel 6, 6A, or 7.

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