What you need to know about digitally signing a document on your PC, Mac, Android phone, or iPhone

There is no doubt that technology has simplified many things, but it has also introduced new concerns. We've picked five cybersecurity mistakes that are harmful. Please review this list to ensure you're not putting yourself at risk. Additionally, you might be violating the law online if you don't realize it. Do you illegally download movies? Don't do it. Here are four ways you could end up in trouble.

Signing documents has become easier. You can now sign digitally instead of waiting for something to arrive in the mail or taking the time to drive. A handwritten signature provides a sense of personalization, even in an era of digital technology. Use your finger instead of your mouse. The results are never what you want.

Use your smartphone's camera or your webcam to take a picture of the signature you need to save. The image can then be imported into a PDF or other document. For in-depth instructions, including the size and ratio you should aim for, click here.

You should have two different signatures. One should be used for electronic signatures, the other for in-person signatures. You can pretty much use the same signature for both. Simply add a dot to one or make some subtle variations. Whenever someone attempts to use your signature without your permission or knowledge, you'll be able to tell right away. 

A final reminder: if you're signing legal documents, you'll usually need a digital signature with a service like DocuSign or Adobe Sign. There are many PDF applications on the market, but Adobe Reader is the most popular. Similar products include Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Acrobat Sign.

You can sign a PDF by opening it and selecting the Sign icon from the top toolbar. An actual pen nib appears in the icon. Look for it in the top toolbar. Alternatively, go to Tools > Fill & Sign.

The document should turn blue when you can fill out fields. To write your signature, click the space where you want to write it, then click the Sign icon again. Your signature can be drawn with your mouse or trackpad, typed or you can upload a photo.

By checking ' Save signature ' and clicking ' Apply ', you can save your signature. Creating a virtual signature using the Preview app on a Mac is easy - no additional software is required.

Click Tools in Preview.Annotate is the option to select.Select Manage signatures from the Signature menu.Two options are available from there. If you can make it look good, you can sign your name on your trackpad or sign your name on a white piece of paper and hold it up to your webcam. 

If you're not familiar with markup, you're missing out on a powerful tool. This allows editing screenshots, adding signatures to documents, inserting text, and more without the need to install a third-party app.

Documents must be signed as follows:

Tap Edit, then the Markup button, then open the document.Add a signature or text by tapping the Add button.Double-tap the Done button.

In the same way as the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat, you can also sign documents with the free Android counterpart. Your signature can be doodled right on your screen, which is easier than on a computer. 

In addition to filling out forms, this app allows you to type on PDFs for a clean, professional-looking document. The Google Play Store offers free downloads of Adobe Acrobat.

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