WhatsApp data can now be transferred from an Android device to an iPhone

You may now transfer WhatsApp data from an Android phone to an iPhone. The Move to iOS software will allow users to export chat history, media files, and voice chats from Android to iPhone. The new functionality is currently in beta and will be available to all chat app users in roughly a week.

WhatsApp already has a method for transferring data from an iPhone to an Android device. The feature was first only available on Samsung phones, but it was later made available on other handsets. The new solution will work the other way around, allowing Android users to transfer their WhatsApp history to an iPhone.

In a statement on Facebook, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated, 'We're adding to WhatsApp the ability to safely switch between phones and transfer your chat history, photographs, videos, and voice chats between Android and iPhone while retaining end-to-end encryption.'

'This is one of the most often requested features. Last year, we introduced the option to transition from iPhone to Android, and now we're introducing Android to iPhone.'

The transfer will only function on factory reset or new iPhones, according to WhatsApp. This is the same limitation that exists when switching from an iPhone to an Android device.

Users must also have Android 5 or higher on their Android devices and iOS 15.5 or higher on their iPhones.

You'll need to download and launch the Move to iOS app on your Android phone to get started. Following the on-screen prompts, you will be directed to a code on your iPhone. On your Android phone, enter the code, then hit Continue and follow the directions.

Select 'WhatsApp' from the 'Transfer Data' menu before pressing 'Start.' WhatsApp will then make a backup of your data and start the process of transferring it from Android to iP

Except for your display name and call history, WhatsApp says the method will allow you to transmit your entire history. Until you generate a backup, the transferred data does not travel to your iCloud.

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