With iOS 16, Apple will no longer support the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and the first iPhone SE

Apple's first day of the Worldwide Developers Conference was a success, as the company made several important announcements, including the introduction of the M2 chip-powered MacBook Air and Pro, iOS 16, iPad 16, and watchOS 9.

The focus was primarily on iOS 16 throughout the first half of the event; even though it was said that iOS 16 would provide many new features, certain iPhones may be left behind in the rush to catch up to the most recent version of the iPhone.

Apple's next version will come with many new upgrades, and advanced features such as the new Apple Map app will show you an advanced perspective of buildings and points of visitors in iOS 16. Apple's next version will also come with many new features.

As a result of these problems, Apple intends to discontinue support for certain older iPhones, which will include the very successful iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. This is not a major issue for people who have an iPhone series that is higher than the 8 series, but it could become one in the future.

To get things started, let's talk about which models of the iPhone are still compatible with iOS 16, the most recent version of Apple's mobile operating system.

Now that you have reviewed the list, you may find that your iPhone is not included if it does not fulfill the conditions for those who did not find their iPhone on the list. If this is the case, your iPhone will be added to the list. It's possible that the discontinuation of the iPod is to blame for this as well.

If you are familiar with iPods, you are aware that the A10 Fusion chip used in the iPod Touch is no longer manufactured; as a result, there is no reason to continue providing support for it with software upgrades. The list of iPhones that are not compatible with iOS 16 can be seen below.

As we covered previously from WWDC 2022, if you take a closer look, you'll see that Apple has only discontinued support for products that operate on the A10 chip.

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