With this offer, you can get a free smartwatch with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 right now for $500 off

A $500 discount off the MSRP and a free smartwatch are two of this week's top savings for Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3. You can pick up the foldable smartphone at Samsung for $1,299.99 today - and you'll get a free Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as well. If the watch and strap are also considered, the savings amount to $939.98. 

We highly recommend this offer to anyone looking for a high-end gaming phone - and one of the most innovative handsets of the past few years. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is even more affordable than you might think if you're thinking of replacing your old phone. 

You can find this offer on Samsung's foldable phone with 256GB of 5G storage, but if you don't want the smartwatch and just want the best price, Amazon is a better pick.

There you'll find a new record low $1,249.99 (opens in new tab) sales price on the handset alone - $50 off the previous low price. In addition to the Phantom Black colorway, Phantom Silver, Phantom Green, and Phantom Green colorways are also available. 

These Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals are just below, but further, down the page, you'll also find a number of other offers. Our crew is also keeping you updated on all our expectations for this year's Prime Day gaming deals as well, so make sure you pop back soon for more updates. 

It was with great enthusiasm that we expressed our opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, describing it as 'the future of phones, right here, right now'. The multi-tasking capabilities,

Intuitive software features and excellent gameplay support for both of those crisp screens made for a very pleasant experience, and we were particularly impressed. Griffiths went as far as saying that 'this is exactly what I want from a large foldable hybrid phone/tablet.' He went on to add: 'It is the perfect device for me.'.

Whether you're not totally sold on the foldable phone, or you're just interested in the best monthly payment offers across the rest of the web, you'll find plenty more offers below on both premium and budget smartphones, so you'll be sure to find something that appeals to you.

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