You Can Save Time With These Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions are a great example of such tools; snippets of code embedded in your Google browser that provides instant assistance when needed. Check out these tools that will help you save time, from one that can auto-type your common phrases to one that corrects your spelling mistakes.  

Checker Plus for Gmail

Use this extension if you spend too much time looking at your Gmail inbox. Using Checker Plus for Gmail, you can create customized pop-up notifications for Gmail. You'll still be able to keep track of what's going on in your inbox without opening up a new tab in your browser.

By clicking on the icon of this extension, you can open a preview of your inbox to check the first few messages without opening full-fat Gmail and becoming distracted. If you are looking to write a quick missive without launching and loading a new tab, you can compose it from the preview window. 


Multiple screens are a good time-saving feature for those who need to look from a window they're working on to another window that has a document they want to refer to, a chat screen, or the news. Dualless can be viewed as 'a poor man's dual monitor solution' and is a fantastic free tool. It allows you to split your browser window into two on your single screen in ratios that suit your needs, allowing you to double your productivity. You can choose from 3:7, 4:6, 5:5, 6:4, or 7:3. 

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To-Do List

The Focus To-Do app is described as 'a science-based app that motivates you to stay focused and complete tasks.' There are task management tools to explore, but you can also use this app as a timer for a half-hour break during your working day.

Based on Francesco Cirillo's 'Pomodoro Technique,' this is a method of working intensely for 25 minutes, followed by a break of five minutes. This technique was developed in the 1980s.


Using Grammarly, you can check your spelling and grammar as you type. As a result, your written content will be more credible. In addition to Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and millions of other sites, this extension will automatically correct your text. Besides underlining misspelled words, it will also highlight grammatical errors, and misused punctuation, and analyze how concise your writing is. By setting up an account with Grammarly, you can get a personalized writing report every week to assist you in tracking your progress and improving your writing.  

Magical — Text Expander

 From the point of view of saving time, it is exactly as its title suggests. Using this text-expanding extension, you can create shortcuts for the text you frequently type, which will save you time and improve your typing accuracy. This tool can take a string of characters and automatically expand them, so it can be used for email addresses, phrases about your company, FAQs, templates, or even greetings, sign-offs, and signatures.

The -TINV parameter can be set to expand into 'Thank you for your interest in our company, but there are no vacancies at the moment. You can also use Magical to correct words you consistently spell incorrectly. Keep an eye on our recruitment page for future opportunities. 


It helps you start your online day the right way with Momentum, a very popular Chrome extension with over three million users. Momentum is for you if you like to take a deep breath and center yourself before you hit the power button on your laptop. You get a beautiful view of the landscape along with a to-do list to plan your day, your personal weather report, and inspirational quotes in place of your normal new tab page. You will also be asked each day what your 'main focus' is, which can serve as a helpful reminder. 

RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS

It is worth checking out RescueTime if your time management issues cause you to feel like you've been working hard but have not accomplished much. The RescueTime application requires you to create an account, but after that, it will automatically track the time spent on each Chrome window, so you can see what you were doing throughout the day.

You can view RescueTime's daily and weekly reports to see how productive you have been and which websites you've visited. This Extension also lets you set productivity reminders and block specific sites for specific periods of time. You can also receive an alert if you spend too much time on one site.

Simple Notepad

Easy Notepad is an extension that allows you to make notes without leaving your browser window. Instead of searching for a physical notepad or opening another program, you can use this time-saving tool. Simple Notepad can be pinned to the Chrome toolbar, so you can instantly access a notepad by clicking on its pencil-shaped icon.

Multiple notes can be made by clicking the plus icon, and you can access previous notes by hovering your mouse over the left-hand edge of the notepad to see a list of notes you've made. When you use different machines, Simple Notepad will sync your notes if you've enabled Chrome syncing. 

Speechify for Chrome 

Speechify is perfect for multitaskers since it allows you to carry out an online task while listening to audio. By paying a premium, you can use the extension to read more in less time.

The ability to listen to text is three times faster than reading it, so this extension allows you to listen to any website, any Gmail message, any Google Doc content, Wikipedia articles, blog posts, news stories, online courses, PDFs, etc. With Speechify, you can create folders, modify the speed of the audio, and sync content via an Android or iOS app onto a mobile device.   


You will no longer waste time on websites that ruin your time management efforts with the StayFocusd extension. StayFocusd has a robust settings section where you can specify which websites you know you visit to procrastinate when you should be working. After setting time limits, you can decide how much time you will spend on each site each day.

As soon as you reach the time limit, StayFocusd will block that site for the rest of the day. It is also possible to block sites only on certain days, e.g., workdays, or during specific times, e.g., work hours, so you can browse during 'me time.'. 

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